Instant Publish
Whether you no longer need a microsite for a special offer, or simply need to pull a site down for edits, now you can unpublish with one click.

Multi-User Functionality
Now you can easily collaborate on projects by having multiple users make edits. The system will alert you when another user is working on a site.

Site Status Indicators
We've included color-coded indicators that let you know the status of your sites. Gray indicates a non-published site, green indicates a published site, red indicates a site that has been unpublished, and orange indicates a site currently being edited.

Mobile Device Icon Generator
Put your clients' sites on users' device homescreens where they'll get one touch access using any icon you choose. Upload any image, however make sure to resize the image to 144x144 pixels for optimal icon resolution.

Image Gallery
This feature gives you the ability to organize all of your site's photos into an easy-to-navigate gallery. Great for portfolios, product samples, or photo collections.

Marketing Toolbox
We've added a host of new marketing resources to the Marketing Toolbox. Now users can take advantage of our compilation of mobile web presentations, infographics, and stats to help convince clients to go mobile.

See our new features in action!




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